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Thread: Refugees from ex Soviet Countries, to Western Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanna View Post
    He was taken to a prison in Moscow, called Ljublanka.
    Lubyanka Лубянка

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanna View Post
    I still can't imagine why the USSR shot an innocent citizen of a neutral country two years after the war ended!
    that was the nature of Stalin's regime, he killed millions of soviet people or made them rot in labor camps, if you can kill your own people all the more you can kill suspicious foreigners
    thousands of Polish officers were executed near Katyn by NKVD, the scene of the massacre was found by the Nazis, but it's them who soviet authorities then blamed this atrocity on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanna View Post
    And it doesn't make any logical sense that the USSR should lie to say someone is dead and keep them inprisoned instead. Particularly not since the relationship between the USSR and Sweden was quite good for the majority of the Cold War.
    true, therefore i think had he been alive after Stalin's death, he'd be released
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    some Muslim taxi drivers from Somalia are refusing to transport customers carrying or suspected of carrying alcohol.
    At least these Somalians have a job!
    Honestly the way some people behave in taxis, I don't blame them for refusing.

    Imagine being from Pakistan where Islam and moslem family values rule.... and driving a taxi in London on Saturday nights - they might have a brothel of drunk people in the back of their black cab.
    I've heard taxi drivers comment on how shocking they find people's behaviour.

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