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Thread: Returning refugees from Stalin

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    Returning refugees from Stalin

    Can anyone tell me where in Russia or the former USSR the decendents of the refugees who fled Stalin and went to countries like Turkey, Jordon, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq have been congregating since the USSR broke up. Thank you.

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    I find it funny that refugees from such an oppressive regime would escape to Egypt and Iran..
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    well, immigrants to opressive regimes are usually better treated than the natives
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    I know for former SU citizens who lived the country during the Soviet Times it is pretty hard now to regain the Russian citizenship. Such difficulty takes place due to a) buerocratic ambages of different kinds and b) great corruption in the immigration authorities. The only good thing for them is that if they still come back here they will probably not be panished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mishau_
    they will probably not be panished.
    Что за нагнетание обстановки? Такое впечатление, что кто-то застрял во временной дыре и не замечает изменений вокруг. Откуда это "возможно"? Кто их "наказывать"-то будет? Кого они вообще интересуют?
    (зато я теперь знаю, почему у России вечно имидж "монстра", вот из-за таких прозрачненьких намеков на существующие в чьем-то воображении кошмары)

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