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Thread: Translation of "Causes"

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    Translation of "Causes"

    In the dictionary the following words причинять, производить, заставлять and вызывать are used as translations of "cause".
    Which of all them are used in the sentence: The financial crisis causes a lot of problems. And also what is the differnce between these words?

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    For me, these words are all different, and only for some reason in English there exists universal word "cause".
    Вызывать is most common verb, it indicates how the consequences follow the reason.

    Причинять is mostly used in set expressions:
    - причинять боль
    - причинять беспокойство
    Often can be substituted with "доставлять" which is to deliver, to bring, ...

    Заставлять = "to make smb. to do smth."
    Родители заставляют меня посещать музыкальную школу.

    Производить = generate.
    Этот автомобиль производит слишком много шума.
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    "Невозможно передать смысл иностранной фразы, не разрушив при этом её первоначальную структуру."

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    Of all these 4 words only one would fit.

    The financial crisis causes a lot of problems. - Финансовый кризис вызывает много проблем.

    But it's even better to find other variants for a better sounding translation. For instance, В результате финансового кризиса возникает много проблем (A lot of problems appear as a result of the financial crisis), or something like that...

    in addition to 'cause' the other meanings are these:
    причинять - be reason of, result
    производить - produce, make
    заставлять - make, force
    вызывать - cause, be reason of, be origin of
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