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Thread: A russian slang dictionary

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    A russian slang dictionary


    I found this and thought it might prove useful and interesting for other learners.
    This slang dictionary deals with Russian, English, French, German and a few others (including Breton !). Hopefully this is not out of place.

    I consider delightful the existence of such a word as "юморнуть", meaning "to drop feces at the place of a burglary".

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    Re: A russian slang dictionary

    Just remember that any slang is something poorly standartized and many words and\or their treatments from that "vocabulary" will not be known to the absolute majority of Russian native speakers. So it may be a nice thing to read but not so nice textbook to learn.

    The direct meaning of "юморнуть" is "to joke". Other meanings are too specific, rare and contextual.
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    Re: A russian slang dictionary

    I find slang hard for non natives to use correctly. I know a lot of Russian slang but am not sure how to use it properly without sounding foolish. While i know how to use some words I usually use others as a joke, which russians find hilarious when foriegners speak in slang.

    I have yet to find a good guide on how to use up to date slang correctly...

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