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Thread: Russian grammar guide

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    Russian grammar guide

    After a few weeks into my Russian learning voyager I have found that I need a more “logical” approach to grammar. I am using the The New Penguin Russian Course for grammar, but it doesn’t seem to follow a logical approach (from my point of view). Has you Russian learners has become with same thinking or is just me? Can anyone suggest a grammar guide to follow? Something like study the rules for nouns, then verbs, then … etc

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    Re: Russian grammar guide

    English is not your native tongue, right?
    Find a Russian grammar book in your own native language (English grammar books are weird and not very good IMHO).
    If Russian is taught as a foreign language in schools in your country, just find out what they use as a grammar book and use that.
    Only use an English grammar book if there are no Russian grammar books at all in your own language (sounds unlikely).

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    Re: Russian grammar guide

    The Schaum's Russian study guide is systematic like that. I'm not convinced that that's the best way to acquire grammar, but if you just want to focus on, say, stuff about verbs, then it is all in one chapter of the book. ... 515&sr=8-1

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