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Thread: Russian: A self teaching guide

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    Russian: A self teaching guide

    Granted, yes, I've had this book since July. And I'm already halfway through it. but I was just wondering if anyone else was using this book and perhaps had some opinions they could share with me. I don't think the book's too bad, but at one point when explaining the endings for accusative case, I didn't understand it.

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    Эта обезьяна самое чрезвычайное животние в этом зоопарке!!! Что думаешь, Джон?
    Just an ounce of nit-picking. You cannot say "чрезвычайное живтоное". If you meant 'extraodinary' this must be "необычный, удивительный".
    «И всё, что сейчас происходит внутре — тоже является частью вселенной».

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