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Thread: Is this just an error

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    Is this just an error

    "По словам экспертов, взаимоотношения с другими людьми является фундаментальной потребностью человека, которое важно как для психологического благополучия, так и для выживания"

    why которое?
    why является?

    Shouldn't it read:
    "По словам экспертов, взаимоотношения с другими людьми являются фундаментальной потребностью человека, которая важна как для психологического благополучия, так и для выживания"

    or even которые....
    "В тёмные времена хорошо видно светлых людей."
    - A quote, that only exists in Russian. Erich Maria Remarque

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    You are correct.
    Should be являются, because взаимоотношения are plural.
    And которая, because потребность is feminine.

    If you use которые, that will mean that this descriptive part of the sentence describes взаимоотношения. But according to the meaning, as for me, this part describes word потребность.

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    xXHoax, you've made the right corrections. --or even которые....-- is not necessary.

    It's easy to find this article online. There are too many mistakes in it, not just these two (grammar, style). I am sure this was translated into Russian by a semi-skilled journalist/translator. You don't even see the name of the author. So this source is hardly reliable. Sadly, the quality of Russian texts in online media is getting very low. The general trend is to attract attention and make money, the owners of the media are not interested in the quality of the text. The translations are awkward and sometimes just incorrect or biased (it's easy to find the original source and compare to prove this). In general, the quality of Russian online texts is lower than that of paper media, so one should be very careful when choosing material for study.

    Some suggestions to solve this "wheat and chaff" problem:

    - Find reliable sources (e.g., sources that have paper versions, newspapers and magazines with paper issues, or find pdf).-
    - Download books in pdf or djvu online (scanned verions of real paper, not electronic book format - the latter have typos). The only problem is that it's hard to find contemporary books, but anything published before the 21st century you can find.

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