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Thread: I can finally roll the R, but don't know how to apply it to sentences?

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    I can finally roll the R, but don't know how to apply it to sentences?

    So now I know how to make the sound, but how do I make it into a trilled R and apply it to a word to make it sound like PPPPPPPPPPPPP??? Explain please? Any nice tutorials out there that can help? (videos?)

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    There is, of course, no word with that many /r/ in a row. You do have a couple of other options: 1. If you live in Petersburg, you will find it's getting colder, and then you can say Брррр! 2. Now you are able to utter the Czech sentence Strč prst skrz krk! =:^)

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    Ask kids and they give you words with "р-р-р-р-р-р-р"
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