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Thread: I finally got a tutor

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    I finally got a tutor

    surprisingly there is someone who knows Russian in New Mexico

    how do I day simple things I can say to get me through the day

    kak dela(or ty my prefernce)
    I can say spaceba,
    how do you do you say "good"
    and also "bad"

    she has offered to teach me in grammar so you can all have a party cause some of you were angry at my grammar.

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    Re: I finally got a tutor

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Krist
    surprisingly there is someone who knows Russian in New Mexico
    Pravit, I didnt know that you're a tutor.
    Вот это да, я так люблю себя. И сегодня я люблю себя, ещё больше чем вчера, а завтра я буду любить себя to ещё больше чем сегодня. Тем что происходит,я вполне доволен!

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    Sir Krist,

    The way to say

    Good is Хорошо kharasho

    Bad is Плохо plokha

    Hopefully the transliteration helps you.
    В эту ночь все огни погасли в Джорджии
    В эту ночь невиновного человека повесили
    Не доверяй тайну никакому деревенщине-адвокату
    Ведь руки городского судьи в крови

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    Depending on the transliteration method, I would transliterate "Хорошо" as "harasho". This is an easy word to remember because it sounds similar to "horror show".

    And "Плохо" is pronounced like "ploha". It is similar to the Hawaiian greeting "Aloha" with the first "A" replaced with a "P".

    Bolded letters designate where to put the stress.

    Anyway, good luck with your tutor.
    Какая разница, умереть богатым или бедным?

    Какой толк от богатства если ты не счастлив.

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