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Thread: Expressing opinion

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    Expressing opinion


    My level of Russian is very basic but I really want to learn more....
    There is something I miss and cannot find out on translators or Google, and this is basic sentences to express opinions.
    I am looking for expressions such as:
    it is great! (To say it is do you use это?) it is rubbish
    it is delicious - it is disgusting
    it is funny - it is boring
    It is easy - it is hard
    I like it / I love it
    I hate it / I don't like it
    How would you say a sentences such as: Chocolate is delicious, I love it!
    I would be delighted if someone took the time to answer my request!
    Many thanks,

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    Re: Expressing opinion

    it is great! - Это здорово! (colloquial) Это прекрасно!
    it is rubbish - Это ерунда.(colloquial)
    it is delicious - Это восхитительно!
    it is disgusting - Это отвратительно
    it is funny - Это забавно
    it is boring - Это скучно
    It is easy - Это легко
    it is hard - Это трудно
    I like it - Мне это нравится
    I love it - Я это люблю
    I hate it - Я этого не переношу
    I don't like it - Мне это не нравится
    Chocolate is delicious, I love it! - Шоколад очень вкусный, я его люблю!
    "Россия для русских" - это неправильно. Остальные-то чем лучше?

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    Re: Expressing opinion

    Thank you soooo much for that!

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