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Thread: Difference in use between из, от and с

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    Difference in use between из, от and с

    I'm quite a beginner in Russian, and wonder what is the main use/differences between из, от and с, in the meaning "from"?

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    Из basically means "out of" (when you take your birthday gift out of the box you достаёшь подарок из коробки)

    От means "away from some anchor point". When you steer clear of a burning building, you "держишься подальше от горящего здания"

    С/со (the same in meaning but used depending on what the following word starts from -- just like a/an in English)
    They mean when you are на (on) something (like if you are sitting on the table), when you move off = со.
    Слезай со стола. Прыгни со скалы.
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