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Thread: Consciously confused

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    Consciously confused

    What is the difference between сознание and осознание, both mean conciousness?
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    1) consciousness; realization, perception, awareness

    с сознанием своего превосходства — with conscious superiority

    привести к сознанию — (проступка, вины и т. п.) to convict

    сознание долга — sense of duty

    довести до сознания — to make smth. clear to smb., to get smth. across to smb.

    доходить до сознания — (что-л. до сознания кого-л. ) to sink in, to register with smb.

    ясное сознание — (при психозе) lucidity

    затемнение сознания — black-out

    2) (признание)



    терять сознание — to lose consciousness
    knowing, perception, realization
    Thats what I found...

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    Сознание is generally a state (of being conscious, of knowing something, of being aware of something).
    Осознание is generally a process (of perceiving something, of realizing something).

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