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Thread: can I take some of your time, free to speak

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    can I take some of your time, free to speak

    This question does not have so much to do with Russian.
    In Russia when you call a client what are the different ways to ask him whether he is occupied (official, friendly, very official, confident, non-confident)?
    Например сегодня я позвонил клиенту и спросил его: "Добрый день Илья. Это Антонис директор страховой компании Амазон. Вы можете поговорить со мной 10 мин". Правильно?
    Чем больше слов, тем меньше они стоят.

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    There are lot of them.
    Some of them that comes in my mind right now:
    Вам удобно говорить?
    Могу я с Вами поговорить?
    Я Вас не отвлекаю?
    Вы не заняты?
    They are very official. You can make it more confident, but still respectfull by omitting "Вы/вам" part:
    Удобно говорить?
    Можно поговорить?
    Не отвлекаю?
    Не заняты?
    It's like "we are too long term partners to spell redundant words".
    In case of close relations, like friendship, it is normal to say "Ты".
    Тебе удобно говорить?
    Я тебя не отвлекаю?
    Ты не занят?
    ("Могу я с тобой поговорить" is a little more official by it's nature)
    But note, that shortage of first two of them are the same as in case of "Вы":
    Удобно говорить?
    Не отвлекаю?
    "Respectfull plural" is not observable here. You must say it before previous shortage class:
    "Леонид Михайлович, здравствуйте! Не отвлекаю?" ("вы" is implied)
    "Леня, привет! Не отвлекаю?" ("ты" is implied)
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