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Thread: WTF is this word?

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    WTF is this word?

    бобры будьте добры не ерепеньте свой мех

    What the heck does ерепеньте mean and what could the author be saying metaphorically?
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    In modern speach "ерепениться" is more common. It means "to bristle up", "to raise its hackles" and used almost exclusively as a figure of speach, but probably can be used literally as well.

    Also you may look for "ерепенить" (and any other dialect or otdated word) in Dahl's dictionary - for example, here.

    But I'm not sure what's the metaphorical wisdom behind this joking phrase. It should be clear from the context.

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    Не ерепенься и не лезь в бутылку!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gRomoZeka
    It should be clear from the context.
    Какой такой контест-шмонтекст. Це ж снова наше усе - гр кровосток. Ну а про перевод weirdo beavers на ан.... все молчу.
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