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Thread: Two questions

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    Two questions

    1. How do you say 'Thank you for teaching me russian'
    Spasiba za 'what ???'

    2. Кондитерские изделия
    Is Кондитерские a neutral adj and изделия a femine noun ? If so, how can they be put together ??

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    Спасибо за то, что вы учили меня русскому языку. (I.R. Zauber, 750 Russian Verbs and Their Uses, Wiley: 1997).

    Thanks for (the fact that) (you taught/have been teaching) me Russian.
    sometimes you have to add the empty "fact that". I'm not sure what you want to say, because you could say выучили, which means "taught through and through," completely.

    Also, I quoted you the formal structure. If you are on close terms (depends on how you define), you would not use the вы form of address but instead ты plus (either the masculine or feminine form of) the past tense verb (ты учил меня or ты учила меня respectively.)

    You could also say Thanks for the Russian lessons Спасибо за уроки русского языка.

    Кондитерские изделия
    both are plural: adjective plus noun.

    "confectioner's products"; cookies, cake maybe?

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