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Thread: transliteration and translation help

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    transliteration and translation help

    I need a the russian transliteration (and translation) of a line - for the punch-line of a toast. I plan to learn russian, but I haven't started - so the cyrillic version will do me little good - but I would like it anyway, so I can show people what i was trying to say. Here's the line:

    For five years I have pretended not to understand Russian!

    For context, here's the rest of the toast - which will be in English. "When I go to family gatherings at the --- house, the best stories and toasts are in Russian, and sometimes they talked about me in russian - because they know I don't understand..."

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    Re: transliteration and translation help

    For five years I have pretended not to understand Russian! - Пять лет я притворялся, что не понимаю по-русски.
    Transliteration: Pyat' let ya pritvoryalsya chto ne ponimayu po-russki.
    "Happy new year, happy new year
    May we all have a vision now and then
    Of a world where every neighbour is a friend"

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