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Thread: Translations needed - the great international poem

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    Translations needed - the great international poem


    Would you be so kind to help me?

    I need your help for an international poetry project I’m working on.
    What I want you to do is to translate the little poem below into your own language and dialect, read it aloud, record it and send the recording back to me ( - the poem is short, so if you have a microphone by your computer it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.
    When you’re done, if you know a person who speaks another language or dialect than yourself, maybe you can get this person to help me as well... I’m interested in both getting people who speak different languages to help me, but also poeple who speak different dialects of the same language.
    It would also be very helpful if you could fill in the little form with information you’ll find below the poem, and send it to me along with your voice recording. Whenever I get enough diffrent translations and recording of the poem I’ll arrange and mix all the recordings into one audio file. This, along with all the written translations of the peom in an e-book, will be made avaiable as free downloads on - so check back! Some time in the future I'll maybe release this as a combined cd and book too.
    Here is the poem:
    Rainy day
    Muddy soil
    Raven and crow
    What do you know?
    Tell me your names
    Before it gets dark

    Information I need:
    Language spoken:
    Name of dialect:
    Region and country where language and dialect is spoken:
    Translation of poem:
    If you want me to credit you for your help, please include your name too.
    Thanks a lot in advance
    -B. Schistad

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    Can you explain the essence of your project? Translating poetry is not easy, and your little poem doesn't make much sense when translated to Russian a word for word...

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