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Thread: translate the term "opera madam butterfly"

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    translate the term "opera madam butterfly"

    translate the term "opera madam butterfly"

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    my guess would be
    опера бабочка госпожи
    Какая разница, умереть богатым или бедным?

    Какой толк от богатства если ты не счастлив.

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    It looks like "butterfly of the madam", to me. But what would I know?
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    Re: translate the term "opera madam butterfly"

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnroman
    translate the term "opera madam butterfly"
    Опера Пуччини "Мадам Баттерфляй" (" Madam Butterfly" is a name of the opera by Giacomo Puccini.)

    Madame Butterfly originated in a story by John Luther Long and was adapted for the stage by David Belasco. The play premiered with great success in New York in 1900, then quickly crossed the Atlantic for a London production where it was seen by Giacomo Puccini. Puccini's first version of the opera failed at La Scala in 1904, but a revised version was successful the same year, the version that we hear today, one of the most frequently produced operas in the entire repertory.

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