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Thread: This ::should:: be easy.

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    This ::should:: be easy.

    Ok, so I'm "making" this card for my boyfriend, and bviously: I want it to be in Russian. I wrote this for him in English a long time ago, but now that I'm "learning" Russian ( ) I thought it would be cool to have it for him in Russian. It might not sound as cool in Russian, but can you guys help out anyway? If it really really doesn't work-let me know.

    "In my heart I care for you so much that it hurts.
    I care for you so much that it makes me cry.
    So much that I would die for you,
    That I couldn't live without you."
    Я тебя люблю , большой монстр!

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    Re: This ::should:: be easy.

    Here's my variant (not an exact translation):

    Ты так дорог моему сердцу, что оно болит.
    Так дорог, что мне хочется плакать.
    Так, что я готова умереть ради тебя,
    Что не смогла бы жить без тебя.
    "Happy new year, happy new year
    May we all have a vision now and then
    Of a world where every neighbour is a friend"

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    Whooo, shades of Romeo and Juliet.

    Or perhaps Romeo + Juliet.

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    Thank you, Friendy! Once again you have proven to be most helpful!
    It's not supposed to be a "sad poem." I guess it depends on how you hear it. When I said it, the first time, it was different. Aaah, Whatev.
    Линдзи-And of course I was waiting for your cynical reply.
    Я тебя люблю , большой монстр!

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