Thanks in advance. I am helping yong ones with table manners. Please translate and highlight the stressed vowels.

Let's practice good manners.
Help set the table.
Help clear the table.
Throw that away in the garbage pail.
Chew with your mouth closed, no noise.
Hold your (fork, spoon, knife) like this.
Use your (fork, spoon, knife).
Please try a little bit. If you don't like it, spit it out in your napkin.
Put your napkin on your lap.
Put the dishes on the counter next to the sink.
If you want more food, please ask.
What foods do you like to eat?
Is this too spicey, sour, sweet, bitter.
This is a salt shaker.
This is a pepper shaker.

How would you correct the way they sit - two common problems:
1) sit up straight.
2) sit on your butt.

If you can think of any other phrases that would help - go for it.