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Thread: Best word for HOAX

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    Best word for HOAX

    Here are a couple sentences which include possible words for hoax. The question of whether or not global warming is a hoax or not aside , are these ideas phrased using a reasonable selection of words?

    Глобальное потепление является мистификацией.
    Глобальное потепление является розыгрыш.
    (Global warming is a hoax.)

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    Розыгрыш is more like a joke (which is hoax indeed) while мистификация as I see is more appropriate, being sort of a fake theory brought up to mislead people...
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    Иллюзия may be, or жупел if the subject is something frightful.
    Мистификация assumes someone deliberately deceives the public.
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    According to Oxf.dictionary, hoax is 'an act intended to make somebody believe something that is not true, especially something unpleasant'.

    In case of global warming one might say выдумка (something made up). Or one might use some verb, e.g. это придумано (this is made up).
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