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Thread: Seeking long term help in translation

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    Seeking long term help in translation

    Hi all,
    Would it be appropriate in this forum to ask for help in translating Russian movie descriptions to English? I've got about 1,500 Russian and European movies at my movie portal, which I would like to present to English speakers.
    I'm quite willing to pay for this work. Here is how I see it. Anyone can choose a movie (or a dozen) from, copy Russian description (plot only - no need to translate title or cast), write English translation and email it to The translation will be placed on the site and a PayPal payment will be sent back. The amount is to be determined - voice your opinion and feel free to ask questions:

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    Hi, there! I may consider it seriously. I used to translate technical texts, mainly professional artricles in biology for Willey Company. They paid me well. To start with, I would like a sample of what to be translated. If you will like my work, we can make a deal. How much would you pay per page? E-mail me personally, if you wish.
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    How to get samples

    Go to, switch to English by clicking the flag, go to Directory and browse movies. Those that have Plot in Russian need translation. No need to translate Title or Cast. Copy plot together with movie URL, append translation, and email it (individually or in batches) to Attach your invoice ($ total), and it will be transferred by PayPal. That's how I see the process.

    As for the price, Russian translators in the US charge around $10 per page. Plots being short, I'd expect $2-3 per plot (or per character or other per page equivalent). Also, literal translation is not required here (i.e. no need to struggle with idioms), just giving a reasonable idea of what's it about is fine. That should drive the amount of work and the price down. I'm trying to figure mutually benefitial terms and looking for a long term cooperation (years). After plots, actor bios will come, followed by reviews, etc., so a leasurely pace is expected.

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