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Thread: Question on translating addresses from Russian to English

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    Question on translating addresses from Russian to English

    I'm in the process of inviting a friend over from Russia to visit for a week, and I'm sending her a letter of invitation. In the letter I need to write her Russian address down in English, and apparently it needs to be match what she will be writing down on her English documents. However, we're both not exactly sure how to translate the address, and we're not sure how strict they're going to be about this. I've found this site:, and it has Russian addresses in both languages, but we want to be 100% sure about this. Are we worrying too much?

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    I am sure it's pretty easy to find the correct spelling for the city. The only problem can come with the street name. The good idea is to spell any non English street name in the way that the non English people would understand what the real name in their own language is referred to. So you just need to transliterate the Russian street full name with English characters.
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    Use a standard transliteration system, for example, Romanization of Russian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Scroll down to the table. You wouldn't be wrong to use either system under the Passport columns.
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    I once sent a parcel to someone in St Petersburg. This was before I had started studying Russian, so I simply spelled everything out in latin letters in the standard European format.
    But the parcel never reached him.

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    Well, this isn't an international spelling (or geography) test but you will want to have some consistency..

    Both of you scan your completed documents and e-mail them to one another. If she doesn't have access to a scanner careful cell phone pictures will do just as well. It's an easy way to check for consistency and you or she will easliy spot any mistakes.

    Have a great time with your friend!
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    Я хочу предупредить. В российских нормативных документах есть тонкости.

    В них русская буква Е_[YE], Ё_[ЙО], & Э в написание на английский язык - должны писаться буквой английской буквой E, хотя логичнее бува YO должна заменяться буквой O.
    Напрмер фамилия Пугачёва [Пугачо́ва], в английском варианте будет Пуга́чева.

    I want to warn you. The Russian regulatory documents there are subtleties.

    In these Russian letter Е_[YE], Ё_[ЙО], & Э[E] in writing in English - - must be written in letters of the English letter E, although the logical letter YO should be replaced by the letter O.
    For example, the last name Пугачёва [Pugachóva], in the English version will be Pugácheva.

    PS: ́ — shock vowel

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