I’ve a question for Americans. Do you know your team takes part in The Championship of Bandy? I suggest it’s not popular game in USA but I didn’t image how (low) this interest.
Yesterday I was on the game USA-Russia. There are no fans with Americans flag. It was not good.
After second or third goal witch made our team during 5 minutes, I begun rooting for USA team too because I think it’s difficult to make a good game without funs in foreign country. I was glad USA team made several goals. Therefore I’m happy our team is worn. So, do you know something about Bandy and USA team of Bandy?
PS: I think this question I can made to others countries and Russia too
PSS: WOW!!! I wrote this almost without dictionary and (translator). I looked at only two words! It cools for me! But maybe I must did it more times?
I hope smb looks over my text