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Thread: Price of Centrino Notebooks(Laptops) in Russia?

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    Price of Centrino Notebooks(Laptops) in Russia?

    its been an year i left spb and i am now back in India.. i had my best time of life (2yrs) in russia..

    Here in india, notebooks(laptops) costs a bit more.

    In US they cost for around half the price.

    i was curious to know the current prices of laptops in russia (preferably spb or moscow)

    the typical configuration should be :-

    Intel Centrino 1.7 Ghz (2 MB L2 cache)
    512 RAM
    DVD burner
    40 to 80 GB hard disk

    preferably, Dell or IBM ... though sony is the best, it wud b a bt costly !

    This configuration costs here in india around 1400$ for Dell and IBM and $2200 for sony.

    same configuration costs 1000$ for dell and IBM and 1500$ for sony in US !!

    i was curious to know APPROXIMATE prices of DELL IBM and SONY in Russia..


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    I'm sure you're perfectly capable of doing a search around Russian online shops all by yourself. You can start your voyage of discovery from here:
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