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Thread: New York 1989-1992

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    New York 1989-1992

    Куча фоток, к-рые я совершенно не ожидал увидеть.

    Забытые в прошлом (ЧИТАЙТЕ П

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    Quote Originally Posted by BappaBa View Post
    Куча фоток, к-рые я совершенно не ожидал увидеть.

    Забытые в прошлом (ЧИТАЙТЕ П

    (pics omitted from quote for space)


    Cool pictures!!! Thanks for sharing.... Without people in the shots, they look like scenes from Fallout 3 )

    I lived in Poughkeepsie NY during those years. We went to the city once or twice. There are many places in the city that look like this! The same is true of London, or was in 2000 when I saw it.

    As far as New York - what surprises me about your pictures is 2 things: 1, how did the photographer manage to get these places without PEOPLE everywhere?? ))) and 2, how did he/she manage to get these places in the SUN???? Those are two things which are hard to do in NYC )

    PS - hahahahaha --- picture #2 has MY name on it! ))))
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