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Thread: My future traveling in America

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    Thanks for warnings, but everytime bad reviews will be. I've read a lot of good reviews of this company. Also I've read about bad English speaking gids, but it's not so important for me. I would like to travel a lot of places in a short time for a cheap. It's very difficult to find the good balance between this values. But I'll loking for a better company to travel.
    Maybe somebody living in California can help me and tell some secrets and good advice about living, transporting, mealing in West Coast.

    I was in Wildwood and I liked it.
    correct me, please. I'm russian native speaker (can I say "I'm russian native"?). Skype: name-xru. ICQ: 227394254. Always glad to speak.

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    I was so happy to see a post from you! It would be great if you would write a post and tell us all about your travels to the US and let us know how it went! How was your work experience and also your travels for just site seeing? Please, it would be nice to know and it might help others who might want to do this in the future.
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    Yes, I am curious too!

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