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Thread: Khan Academy - can MR educate the world ???

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    Khan Academy - can MR educate the world ???

    I recently told someone that I get these ideas and they are sort of "pie-in-the-sky" or as my husband's family calls "up-in-a-tree" but people who have come to know me... know them as my "kool-aid" ideas. Because I want everyone to drink the kool-aid and join me in my crazy way of thinking and not say "It can't be done!" For those of you who don't understand the reference to drinking kool-aid, read this

    So my kool-aid idea for all of you here on MR is this... Khan Academy in Russian!

    If you have not heard about Khan Academy, well.... it is amazing.

    Just this week my older daughter had a lesson in her science class and at the end of the class they were given what we call here an "exit card" which is a short quiz on what you were just taught. She failed it. She came home and watched three short videos on Khan Academy on the exact same lessons she had in school. After watching the videos, she now understands the lesson. Here is one of the videos she watched:

    Khan Academy is completely free and no advertising. Almost all of the videos are in English... however... there is a Khan Academy in Spanish and the audio isn't even that great on some of these!!

    But, Khan Academy wants to translate the videos into other languages...
    Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. With that said, Sal only speaks English (and very barely passable Bengali). With your help, we might be able to reach the 5.6 billion people who speak other languages. Let's translate the Khan Academy into all of the world's languages!
    So what about Khan Academy Russian?? And wouldn't that also help people learn and practice their listening and reading comprehension skills in Russian too? Maybe even get Russian Language lessons up on Khan Academy and then people could come over to MR to practice???

    There apparently has been some work done on the Russian translations as there are some threads on their site

    I know many people on this forum are amazingly talented with their English and IT skills and could do this project.

    Oh, and Robin... don't think I forgot about you!!! They are looking for German too!!

    So, what do you all think? Are you willing to drink some kool-aid?

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    Just yesterday on Charlie Rose I saw interview with Sal Khan: Charlie Rose - Salman Khan of
    He is amazing! What he does is unbelievable.
    All his stuff is also on Youtube: YouTube - khanacademy's Channel 2310 videos so far.
    Rockzmom, thanks for the topic!
    "...Важно, чтобы форум оставался местом, объединяющим людей, для которых интересны русский язык и культура. ..." - MasterАdmin (из переписки)

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    Really? I've heard of Khan Academy but I did not realise it was free.
    I've heard about their after-school classes etc.

    Also, Charlie Rose is quite a famous person in the Geek/Tech community (since I work in IT, I keep up to date on that)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanna View Post
    Also, Charlie Rose is quite a famous person in the Geek/Tech community
    Кому - нары, кому - Канары.

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