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Thread: Help with a word

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    Help with a word

    Guys Id apreciate help with this word which I cant find its meaning! ВНИМАНИЕ


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    It means attention!



    1) attention; heed; notice, note; accent разг., eye (to) (к чему-л.)

    быть в центре внимания — to be at the centre of attention, to be in the limelight

    привлекать внимание — to attract/arrest/draw attention

    внимание! — attention!; look out!, mind! (берегись)

    внимание, на старт! спорт — get set!

    быть недостойным внимания — be beneath smb.'s notice

    особое внимание — special emphasis/attention; principal concern

    должное внимание — proper attention

    заслуживающий внимания — noteworthy

    заслуживать внимания — to be worthy of notice, to deserve/merit attention

    оставлять без внимания — to set aside, to disregard, to take no notice of

    обращать внимание на — to pay/draw attention to, to give/pay heed to, to take note of

    обращать особое внимание на — to concentrate/focus one's attention on

    сосредоточивать внимание на — to concentrate/fix/focus attention on

    принимать во внимание — to take into consideration/account

    принимая во внимание — in view of, with regard to

    уделять внимание — to attend, to place high emphasis (on), to place emphasis, to give/focus attention

    - центр внимания

    2) (заботливость)

    care (of); kindness (to); consideration (for)

    не принимать во внимание — disregard, neglect, ignore

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    Written in capitals it usually means: CAUTION
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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    Thanks guys, thats great !!!

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    It means if you see this on a sign and don't know what it says, you're probably about to be injured or killed. Or worse yet, be screamed at by some old babushka.
    Заранее благодарю всех за исправление ошибок в моём русском.

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