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Thread: Great way to practice speaking Russian

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    Great way to practice speaking Russian

    In Maryland students must complete 75 hours of community service to graduate high school. I was on an approved service page today and saw this posting:

    Volunteer Opportunity - Translators (MCPS SSL Approved)

    Translator and visitor for Russian, French, Farsi, Chinese and Spanish speaking residents. We have approximately 25 residents who speak only Russian. These residents are very lonely and very much need visitors and translators who speak Russian. The Hebrew Home of Greater Washington provides care and services to the elderly, including independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation services and nursing home care, all on a campus in Rockville.

    There are probably other places like this around the country in need of people to speak Russian with older residents. What a great way to practice and improve your Russian and do something nice for someone at the same time!!!
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    Hmmm......not a bad idea really. I volunteered as a teachers aid to help with Russian kids in the classroom. It wasnt the best but it was something.
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