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Thread: Electronic tanslators

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    Electronic tanslators

    I would like to buy a small electronic (calculator type) Russian/English-English/Russian dictionary.

    Can any member recommend one?

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    No one replied to my earier post so, after some research, I bought an ECTACO ER200DM about 2 months ago; largely as an alternative to carrying a pocket dictionary with me. This is my impression of it.

    1. It has a wide vocabulary and the reverse translation option is useful.

    2. I realise that the keyboard has to be of a certain minimum size but as a result the ER200DM is about the same volume and weight as a pocket dictionary, though much more expensive.

    3. Entering English words is for me a bit slower than looking them up in a dictionary and entering Russian words is very much slower. I realise that with increased use I would speed up but it will always be a problem.

    4. Without backlighting the text is difficult to read - even in moderately dim light.

    5. The biggest drawback however is the absence of stress marks. The meaning of some Russian words changes with the stress and many native Russian speakers have difficulty in understanding non-native Russian speakers who put the stress in the wrong place. A side effect of this is that words with the letter ё are pronounced wrongly. Yesterday I wanted to buy some string. The ER200DM gave ВЕРЕВКА (pronounced verevka) but it should have been ВЕРЁВКА (pronounced verovka).

    I have gone back to using a pocket dictionary.

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    I prefer to use PocketPC (from 200$ to 500$) as multifunction device including a dictionary. For example:
    - a tutorial (trainer for replenishment of my vocabulary), (15$)
    - a dictionary, (20$)
    - a reader of electronic books with possibility to get a translating of unknown words; (free)
    - a media player (audio books, audio lessons of courses etc.). (free)
    (plus flesh card SD (512Mb) - 10$)

    It's very comfortable for me than to have one device with only one function. And I'm sure that the prices of these things are comparable.
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    Thanks Mikhail.

    A friend gave me his Ipaq computer of the type you mentioned, after he bought a better model, but I gave it back. I travel with a notebook and that has the functions you name and the Ipaq was a bit bulky to carry all the time. What I wanted (still want) is something more convenient to carry around than a pocket dictionary.


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