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Thread: Blimey, cursive!!

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    Blimey, cursive!!

    OK, I am trying to make the switch to writing in cursive, but I must say, blimey! My writing looks like crap and I take for ever to write anything. After I write it, I still can't read it, even though I'm the author of it. Any tips for learning to read/cursive Russian.

    The books make it looks so easy... If anyone is willing to and has a scanner, I'd be curious to try and read something written in cursive.
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    Do you know those huge blue-and-red-ruled notepads that are used in first grade? The ones for inch-high handwriting? Those are the ticket!
    Write slowly and carefully in huge letters, and after a while of that, you oughta be able to write just fine in a smaller hand. I would try send you some examples, but I'm afraid that my Russian handwriting is now nearly as bad as my English!

    P.S. - Just ignore any funny looks at the register...
    P.S. - Исправление ошибок в моих текстах на русском всегда приветствуется

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    And in case you want to know what those tablets are called, since the question has been asked about 5,000,000 times: прописи

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