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Thread: Introduction; Hello

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    Introduction; Hello

    Keeping it short, I am a twenty-five year old who's neglected my attempts to learn Russian for far too long. It's about time I got serious, so I'll try using this great page.

    Also, any help and recommendation in terms of learning material is appreciated. I'd love to chat/talk to improve.

    At most, I know the alphabet. And a few words here and there.

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    Welcome back. It is good that you have resumed this commitment. The board index provides links to a great number of learning resources, including those right on the .com domain. Depending on your preference, you could learn from primarily digital sources, such as Memrise, which has been especially recommended for building vocabulary. In terms of print, Oxford Russian Grammar & Verbs and similar books lay out a great deal of information on the mechanics of Russian. Put emphasis on grammatical education when starting out, and learn to recognize both the spoken and written language. Most importantly, make a long-term habit of studying and learning.

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