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Thread: Hi from Lucas from Canada

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    Hi from Lucas from Canada

    здраствутье. Меня зобут Лукас. я хочу учитъся говоритъ по-русский. я поеду в москве в феврале- может бытъ. спасибо. (online keyboard)

    Hi. I'm Lucas.

    I am from Canada (Calgary) and have been interested in Russia and the Russian language for a several years now, ever since my trip to Mexico and I wanted to go somewhere that wasn't so darn hot. My Russian is beginner level.. but not absolute beginner. I know the alphabet and basic grammar, slowly self-teaching and increasing vocabulary.

    The main reason I am posting here is that I am planning to visit Moscow mid-February (hopefully if visa stuff works out - opinions on My Russian is not too great and I'd be travelling alone as this is a short notice window of opportunity that I'd hate to miss. Just looking for recommendations on hostels and stuff and would also be nice to have a contact or two in the area... Hoping to stay at hostels to be with fellow travellers. The more I learn about Russia, the more it fascinates. Already booked tickets for 6 weeks return from Munich - upon receipt of Visa will book a local budget flight Munich to Moscow for 2/3 weeks.

    Sorry about the bad grammar. (writing represents more my train of thought)

    Self teaching using:
    The New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners by Nicholas J. Brown
    Russian For Beginners by Y.G.Ovsiyenko
    and random sites - including lurking on this site

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    Hi Lucas! Have a look at this hostel.

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    Hello Lucas,

    Welcome to Russian speaking society. I am a native russian speaker but unfortunatelly I am not from Moscow, so I can't give you any advice on hostels there. But, if you'd like to practise your Russian just let me know. My skype is gluteus1970


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