Ну привет репбята

Я эстонец, почти 20 лет, и изучю русский язык около 2 месяца плус восем лет в школе (только изучил 200 слова и азбука ). Я хотел спрашивать что делать, что я могу-бы делать для улучшаться. И да, я знаю что мой Русский страшный есть.

Aight, that's about my level of Russian. Now, as I don't know in which section to put this thread in I'll just leave it in the introduction.

I'm asking you good people for advice on how to continue studying Russian. I understand around 3-4k words, have some intuitive grasp of the grammar (noun declension, adjectives,conditionals, past; all very basic level), don't have much of a problem understanding the gist of a regular piece of text and can hold my ground in basic conversation that i occasionally have by being Estonian 'n all. The quality of my speech is horrible, no doubt, but I can effectively communicate basic concepts.

Now, my problem is that I have no idea how to progress. Do I take easier texts with audio and study them, do I sink myself in a grammar book and muck around til I float? Do I try to speak to people? Or should I get a textbook (say, from the Teach Yourself series) and work on that?
The point is that I don't have a clear understanding of what I know and what I don't, plus I have no method of study either--I just take a simple text with audio and learn the vocab while trying to improve my listening comprehension.

My goal is to become proficient in the language so that I understand ordinary texts, speaking isn't all too important as I don't expect to use it much before around 2014, I can do it around an hour of concentrated study a day and, as I'm poor, can only use free or pirated resources.

Soooo, long post(?). Help pl0x