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Thread: Здравствуйте! Hello!

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    Здравствуйте! Hello!

    Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Эйстейн. Я живо в Хедмарк, на Эстланде в Норвегия. Мне 17 лет.

    Did I get it right? If not; my name is Øystein. I'm 17 years old, from eastern Norway, currently attending my second year at the Norwegian Upper Secondary School. I really would like to learn Russian, for several reasons. The first being that I'm planning to take my last year of Upper Secondary School in Moscow, at the Norwegian-Russian Upper Secondary School. The school is an exchange-project in order to increase the cooperation and trade between Russia and Norway.The other reason is that I'm very interested in Russia -- it's culture, people, history, mostly everything about it. I hope I can get a penpal or two on this forum, and perhaps someone to practice and learn som Russian from. If anyone is interested: I can help you learn Norwegian!

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    Hi, Oystein!

    A couple little mistakes. Look at the correct variant: Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Эйстейн. Я живу в Хедмарке на Эсланде, в Норвегии. Мне 17 лет.

    Good luck in your studying. Russia is a very interesting country. Our culture is greate. Good luck!
    If you want, I can help you with Russian.

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    Добро пожа́ловать на фо́руме!

    И уда́чи вам с э́тим "програ́мма студе́нческого обме́на".
    "Особенно упорно надо заниматься тем, кто ничего не знает." - Като Ломб

    "В один прекрасный день все ваши подспудные знания хлынут наружу. Ощущения при этом замечательные, уверяю вас." -Кто-то

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