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Thread: Вокры (Russian poem with English adaptation and audio)

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    Вокры (Russian poem with English adaptation and audio)

    I found interesting poem in Russian which I want to share with you (Poem by Krot_i_antikrot, voice by Proceedings, English adaptation by Daria Romanova).

    В сером густом тумане
    Жили скользкие вокры
    Медленно пролетали
    В метре от почвы мокрой

    Гнилью вокры питались,
    Свесив конечности к почве.
    Медленно размножались
    Сырой осеннею ночью

    Мерно и низко гудели
    О своем, о вокровом счастье.
    Лягушек поймать хотели
    Поднимали конечности к пасти

    В сером густом тумане
    Вокры ловили лягушек
    Конечностями шовыряли
    В кучах сырых гнилушек.

    Вдали от людских реалий
    В тумане густом и сером
    Медленно вокры летали,
    Неся своё скользкое тело.

    Audio: (listen from 1:10 to 2:10).
    Translation to English:

    In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
    The vokras can be found.
    They slowly float, they slowly drift
    Above the sopping ground.

    They slowly feed on rotten weed,
    Extending limbs to earth,
    They slowly mate, they slowly breed,
    To new ones giving birth.

    They slowly, decently converse
    Of happiness and vice,
    They hunt for frogs and slide them in
    The buccal orifice.

    In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
    The vokras hunt for frogs.
    They're worming their pliant limbs
    Through heaps of rotten logs.

    Away from people's noisy feasts,
    Away from light and sound,
    In grayish mists, the slimy beasts,
    The vokras can be found.

    P.S. In Internet you can also find video (animation) for this poem, but I would not recommend you to watch it.
    P.P.S. Interestingly that I do not know the verb «шовыряли», but its meaning is so undestandable from the word sounding and context, that I thought that this word really exists.

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    SAn, with all the due respect, please be careful what you post, as I suspect Aurelian would add one more item to his list of your psychological perception...

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