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Thread: Audio Feature for recordings of Russian and English....?

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    Audio Feature for recordings of Russian and English....?

    Hi MasterAdmin! I'd like to ask you to consider adding an audio feature here, that would let people ask for recordings of words in English, Russian or maybe some other language.

    Just 30 second clips or something like that.

    There is no such service online right now and it would fill a well needed niche.

    (Forvo has become almost useless since some fanatical person was given editing rights and deletes anything that's longer than 1 word.)

    I think it was there in the past, before I joined the forum. Would it be possible to put it back in, or use some pre-made functionality for this (flash or java based, maybe?)
    Just as a trial?

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    Send me a PM if you need me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramil View Post]Vocaroo | Record and send voice emails[/url]
    Thanks, that is a great service!
    I hope someone would be willing to do some recordings for me later on. It is such a shame what happened to Forvo and the other site that I use for recordings, Rhinospike - has only one Russian user.

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    Hanna, I've recorded your last request at Rhinospike. Sorry i have no time now to record other unanswered requests there - if I spend another minute browsing Internet and speaking words to a microphone instead of helping my wife prepare New Years's celebration, she definitely would kill me.
    Please, correct my mistakes, except for the cases I misspell something on purpose!

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    Thank you so much! Great recordings!
    Hope you had a great New Year and that your wife forgave you! :

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    Hana, such basic feature surely exists already.
    Perhaps, the most reasonable this forum could do (without writing special code) is to have a section for requests where people would use third-party services to upload their recordings. Actually, a section for that purpose is a good idea.

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