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Thread: Help with English Recordings @Rhinospike

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    Help with English Recordings @Rhinospike

    At this site people can request (=ask for) help with reading ANY text in English. Long or short. Easy or complicated.

    You can also ask for help with other languages.

    In return for the help, you must help people who study your language by recording for them.

    The site is quite "young" so there are not a lot of users yet.
    You can indicate (=say) whether you prefer any particular accent.

    In order to record for others you need:

    1) A microphone
    2) Recording software such as "Audacity" (search for it - Free).

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    Re: Help with English Recordings @Rhinospike

    Ну сейчас я наговорю вам..... Готовьтесь!!!

    Спасибо, полезная ссылка.
    I apologize for my English. Do not scold me - help me improve my language

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    Re: Help with English Recordings @Rhinospike

    Quote Originally Posted by Spiritfan
    Ну сейчас я наговорю вам..... Готовьтесь!!!

    Спасибо, полезная ссылка.
    Хорошо! Я готова... Где ты?

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