A lot of times in the USA, people develop a xenophobic attitude toward other countries. Often I hear Americans voicing fears that other countries bode us ill will, and among those Russia is sometimes mentioned.
However, it has been my own experience that Russians actually are very beautiful and loving people, and I have found a little proof that I'd like to mention here.
Though many might already know of it, "The Tear of Grief" was a monument built in New York, by Russians, particularly by Zurab Tsereteli, after the events of September 11, 2001. It is a grand monument, a wonder as a piece of art all on its own; but its true significance is the love and remembrance it gives to those who are fallen, and the loud statement it makes against terrorism, and by extension, violence, the world over. Putin's likeness is pictured several times across the site, along with the names of and remembrances to those who died.
It warms my heart, not only to see so much effort coming from humans to try to heal this spiritual wound, but also because it confirms the suspicions that I have long held about the US and Russia - namely, that we are not so different. On a spiritual level, I almost feel as if Russia has lent us a bit of their emotional strength in making this thing come to pass - that the strength and grace with which Russia bares attacks and injustices might have been conveyed to us in some small way.
Info can be found on the Tear at To the Struggle Against World Terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .
Thank you, Mr. Tsereteli, from my country to yours.