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Thread: Birthday Celebrations

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    Birthday Celebrations

    just trying to understand better how people celebrate their birthdays in former soviet union... since for me it is a bit of a confusing topic.

    ok, this first part is about the Birthday Person being a man...

    it is my understanding that the Birthday man pays for his Birthday celebrations... so if I was at such a birthday party and I paid the tab instead, would the birthday guy be insulted? or is it ok to do so?

    now, 2nd question... if it is a woman's birthday, does she do the same thing? pay for her birthday celebrations? [let's assume she is single, I guess if she had a husband or boyfriend maybe they would pay?]. I guess she wouldn't since it I guess it would seem strange, but in general how would it work then? Do all her friends pitch in?

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    Re: Birthday Celebrations

    In both versions, I would suggest to give a good gift. I advise you not to intervene in the payment of the birtday, unless of course you do not hint about it

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