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Thread: Body parts

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    Re: Body parts

    Quote Originally Posted by miloserdie
    I wanted to ask about the difference between the russian word for "hand" and the word for "arm".
    It seems like that particular appendage is being divided up differently in the language.
    Would anyone like to comment further?
    Yes, in most cases it's just 'рука'. If you need a distinction for some reason you can use 'кисть' for a hand и 'рука' for an arm.
    And of course there is also 'плечо' (shoulder) and 'локоть' (elbow).

    The hand itself has two parts - a palm (ладонь) and a back of the hand (тыльная сторона). Wrist is запястье and fingers are пальцы.

    Clavicle - Ключица
    Scapula - Лопатка
    Humerus - Плечевая кость
    Medial Epicondyle - Средний надмыщелок
    Lateral Epicondyle - боковой надмыщелок
    Capitulum - Головка (кости)
    Radius - Лучевая кость
    Ulna - Локтевая кость
    Carpals (8 bones) - Запястье (8 костей)
    Metacarpals (5 bones) - Пясть (5 костей)
    Phalanges (14 knuckle bones) - Фаланги (14 костей)
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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    Re: Body parts

    Wow, Ramil.
    Thank you very much for that reply.
    I feel like I'm ready for med school now

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