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Thread: Do you recognise this software?

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    Do you recognise this software?

    Does anybody recognise this language course?
    It seems to be a Russian program (see buttons etc - although it could just be configured that way.).
    It seems that this program can be configured to teach a wide range of languages, including teaching Russian to English speakers... However the man who uploaded it hasn't logged in for over a year and he is not explaining anything about the clips.

    Section that teaches Russian to English speakers

    Section that teaches Italian to Russian speakers

    Same program, I THINK. Teaching German... Similar user interface but with photographs..

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    Re: Do you recognise this software?

    I recognise it! It's from a Berlitz language course. It's a computer course with 3 CDs. You can choose between over 30 languages. I got it as a Christmas present years ago. I know it sounds lame but I actually asked for it . As with a lot of those courses, it's useful if you want to get a feel for the language, see if it's something for you, maybe pick up the basics before moving on to other courses. It's mostly focused on words and useful sentences, not much grammar.

    If you want more info, I can write it up for you after I've gotten the box from my parents' house.

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    Re: Do you recognise this software?

    Thanks so much!
    So it was that simple, haha!
    I thought it was some kind of obscure software... With the information that you've given I think I'll be able to find it online, to download...

    I agree that Berlitz is a bit lightweight. But I like everything that has pictures... I just find information accompanied by pictures so much easier.

    When I've found it and installed it I'll update this post.

    Thanks again!

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