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Thread: A Software Recommendation

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    A Software Recommendation

    I havent posted here in a while but I wanted to recommend some software that I purchased because it is amazing. The website is They offer courses in many languages (I of course bought the Russian). They have a free demo online which shows you their theory of helping to remember words by relating then to english words. An example in the demo is that juice in Russian is "SOK". They then tell you to imagine drinking juice from a sock. It also has audio so you can hear the correct pronounciation.

    The CD-ROM costs $30.00. I was intrigued so ordered it, figuring it would go on the shelf with all the other books/tapes/cd-roms I have tried.

    There are different chapters and they work on building vocabulary as well verbs and putting together sentences and changing the endings on the words (this is my hardest thing).

    I have only gotten about 1/2 way through it but so far the results have been amazing. I can make short sentences and my vocabulary is probably about 150 words including animals, numbers, colors, foods, etc.

    The only thing I dont like about it (I thought I should share this) is that there is no cyrillic. It is spelled like it sounds using the English letters.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience with the program. I couldnt be happier. Just wish I would have found this months ago.

    P.S. I am not affiliated in anyway with this product. I am just a happy customer.

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    How long have you been doing this? If it's been longer than 3 days it's a waste of money. If you did in in one day it could be useful for the very hasty.
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