Those who like both racing and Russian language, may watch these two video pieces. Both are live comments. Listen how names, that you may know, sound in Russian

Slow comment. I don't want to deride these guys, I'm quite satisfied with their comments, they are very intelligent, but sometimes I wish they spoke quicker. In the order of appearance: Sergei Bednaruk and Andrei Larinin (ex chief editor of Russian F1Racing).

250cc and MotoGP in Jerez. 5.6MB, 3ivX

Fast comment. These are very fast and spoke without interrupting quite quickly during all the race, moreover with few mistakes. Lots of background information on the racers and teams. Again, in the order of appearance, Ivan Kovalenko and Fyodor Bakulov (for the latter this has been the 1st live comment)

IndyCar race in St Petersburg, Florida, 6.6MB, 3ivX

I will post the transcription later, if there will be any interest.