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Thread: Person seeking a place to sublet or house-sit in Ukraine...

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    Person seeking a place to sublet or house-sit in Ukraine...

    I have a three month trip to Europe planned.

    This is where I need help. I'm really not sure how to fill the void, haha. Originally, my friend (also from the U.S) was going to travel with me. Due to financial reasons she's had to cancel her trip. So I've continued selling my belongings in an effort to make this trip possible, haha (sad, but true).

    One idea I've had is to find an apartment or a house somewhere in Ukraine that I could sublet or rent by the week (not a hotel, which would be far too expensive for me). Otherwise, I'd also like to offer my services as a house / pet-sitter. From July, 2008 until January, 2009 I was house-sitting for people in Portland, Oregon (through Craigslist and All together I've house-sat in Portland (2005 / 2006, 2008 / 2009), San Francisco (2003), and Seattle (2002). The rest of the time over the last seven years I've pretty much lived in Asia.

    I know it's kind of a long shot. I'm just really interested in visiting Ukraine (very interesting history and people) and I think that it'll be more affordable than other European countries for basic stuff like food and transportation. That's what brought me to the idea of possibly finding a 'longer-term' place there.

    My plans are as follows... In the third week or May I'll be flying from NYC to Greece. From there I plan to travel through Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova. I'm a member of Couch Surfing. But because this is specifically about trying to find something more for several weeks, then I figured that I would make a separate post here. Although, I'm certainly open-minded to hospitality offers to visit for a few days. I probably won't be able to arrive to Ukraine until at least mid-June. If this post is still up then I'm still looking for a place. I think that's the best way to do it.

    My whole life for the last eight years has pretty much been one big cultural exchange. From staying in remote villages in Fiji (2001-2002) to half a year in India (2004), living and working in China (parts of 2006 - 200 and Thailand (parts 2003 - 2005), hopping around North America, etc. I'd like to really look at how I can possibly survive for at least three months in Europe by visiting people, house / pet-sitting, volunteering, or even finding work teaching English.

    I know it's a bit hard to get to know someone via the Internet. But please feel free to check out what I call my 'life resume':

    I also have lots of travel photos under my Couch Surfing, Flickr, and MySpace. I'm 28 years old, clean and pretty easy-going, and easy to get along with people. My plans for Ukraine are simple. I'd love to get to see some of the country and experience the life there. If I have a lot of free time and an Internet connection then I also want to finish work on my fourth poetry book.

    In terms of subletting a place... it would be greatly preferable to find a place that's furnished (just basic stuff like a bed), with a kitchen (size doesn't matter), and an Internet connection (so I can use my labtop). I'm really not picky with requirements. But I'm looking for some place that I can afford.

    Please feel free to send me a message if you have something or even just to say hi. I'm hoping to make some friends and contacts before visiting. Of course, thanks for reading.



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    Re: Person seeking a place to sublet or house-sit in Ukraine...

    I live in Kharkov (one of the biggest Ukrainian cities). I can try to help you with a place to stay. There are lots of appartments that are rented on daily bases here.

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