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Thread: My English for your Russian

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    My English for your Russian

    My name is Philip. I am a native speaker of English and an advanced beginner in Russian, looking to trade language for language, no money. I live in Brooklyn, but I am frequently in Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island. Flexible hours. 347.885.9106

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    Do you mean contact in real life, or on the Internet?

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    Why does this sound like an escort ad?
    "С чий очи сънувам, чий е този лик обречен?
    Смъртен глас ми се причува и отеква с вик далечен
    Как да зърна да погледна, чуждий образ да прегърна,
    на лицето ми студено грях в надежда да превърна.."

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    У вас они так выглядят?
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