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Thread: Skype exchange.

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    Skype exchange.

    Greetings. My name is Pavel and I was born in Russia. However, I've since moved (at the age of 10) to the US. I am now 21, and due to having been here so long, and having no contact with any Russians outside my own parents, I now know English better than I do my native language, though I have no accent in either. I am offering to tutor anyone in English in return for tutoring me in Russian. By no means do I speak Russian poorly, but due to my living situation I still know Russian only on the level of a 10 year old kid. This will probably be the easiest tutoring job you've ever had, as all I really need are some grammar lessons, which I will grasp quite easily, and an increase in my vocabulary (slang strongly preferred.) In return I can tutor you in English. Feel free to add me on skype: aggressivenapkin1.

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    Re: Skype exchange.

    Hello Pavel!
    My name is Sergey, I'm 23
    I'am a russian student, study russian literature and language, so I know it pretty wellIf you have something to ask me about russian language I would be able to help you. I know that our language is difficult and, belive me, not for foreigners only. Also there are many things you will never find in books. The best way to learn a language is to communicate, and that's how I want us to help each other.
    If you know your native language on the level of 10 years kid - this is a half of your victory
    I know nobody who lives abroad and I'll be happy to speak about life in your country and my. I guess that will be interesting
    My ICQ:483951502, I've added you in my skype list
    P.S.: Sorry for my english

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