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Thread: Need sombeody to correct my "broken" english

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    Need sombeody to correct my "broken" english

    I make tests for drivers education in USA, I have already translate whese tests into english but it seems they need to be corrected by native english spoken person. There are 500 of these tests. It need just to look and say that wrong, if you cant do it all 500, its possible to do so much as you can. So if you have free time, and want to help, welcome. Forgot! I'm russian and frequently available by ICQ, and I always can help you in russian language if needed online and with pleasure

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    Need sombeody to correct my "broken" english

    PS My ICQ: 96258344
    if I'm offline post your message anyway, I'll read it later

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    Hello I live in New Jersey, USA.
    I am looking for a few ambitious russians, to expand my business in russia.

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