Well educated native russian speaker is looking for Native english speaker to language exchange.

If you already high level on Russian or middle so you can speak on it whether it slow or fast, right or completly wrong
then we can speak by turns( Russian then English or on the contrary)

If you only beginner you can collect some questions about grammar, pronunciation so you can ask me about and i'll help you anyway... if you help me it would be good as well

i have strong desire to talk on english but im far away from it also i want to have a new friends and help them too

i think main problem is a big difference between time zones... we can decide when shall we go...most convenient way

i can use Skype or MSN Messenger (skype id: oneeeex, MSN: oneex@live.ru)
also i have got ICQ: 472088979
e-mail: sonic000@yandex.ru
would be better if you PM me here

i have flexible schedule i think we can go easy, otherwise sometimes i can wake up even in 2:00 a.m. (current time) for your conveniense

by the way... don't care about anything... let's talk and have fun...it's funny , hit me up right now ^^

P.S. sorry for grammar mistakes